List of the Oldest 

Listed below are  30 bridges which have a present structure that dates from the 16th century or earlier; certainly we can see important features from that period which appear to have been preserved through serial repairs and restructuring. Often a knowledge of restructuring dates is helpful. These bridges can also be seen on the very old maps as well as on Roy.  There is room for discussion: for example, Old Urr Bridge dates from 1580 but has been excluded because so little remains from that early period.  Doune bridge is a doubtful member of the list, though it dates from 1530.   Dean bridge has been added on architectural grounds. Ruthven has been removed because it is now a ruin. Cow bridge in Lothian has had a similar fate.   

 Which is structurally the oldest?  It is impossible to say.  In terms of history, we know there was a bridge standing at Berwick in 1199, at  Brechin in 1220, at Ayr and in Perth, in 1210 and that there was an established structure at  Stirling in 1250, which probably had been there for a very long time.  These, however, are not the bridges we see today.  Ten bridges appear to have some pre-16th-century features but there are only one or two in which the entire unwidened arch structure appears to date from before 1500:  Balgownie in Aberdeen; possibly Abbey Bridge near Haddington; Tullibody Bridge appears to be older than its recorded date. 

      Name and location              OS coordiates             First Date           Present structure          Features

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